Silver Coast 3-D Horseshoe 4 pc Tray Set


Step up your hosting game with the Day at the Races Silver Coast porcelain 3-D Horseshoe 4 pc Tray Set, an exquisite collection that captures the very soul of Kentucky racetrack elegance. These trays, with their reflective silver finish, are a direct nod to the heritage and excitement of iconic races. They promise to make every occasion a winning event, transforming your offerings into a visual celebration reminiscent of the most thrilling moments at the Derby. Crafted with a keen eye for detail and the vibrant spirit of horse racing, each piece in this set is designed to complement the grandeur of events like the Derby and other prestigious races. The polished surface gleams like the coat of a champion racehorse, ensuring that your table setting shines with the anticipation of a race day. Complete your collection by pairing these trays with the sophisticated Silver Coast Julep cups and Horseshoe Serving Bowl for a cohesive and elegant look.

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