Triple Topiary Kitchen Waffle Dish Towel


Durable, Vibrant Microfiber Cloth This soft and lightweight towel is an excellent choice for any home. it's super absorbent and dries quickly - the perfect combination for any kitchen. The design is printed directly into the fabric with eco-friendly ink - you won't be able to feel it! That means no peeling, cracking, fading, or rough edges - just a beautiful, crisp, white waffle weave design that will last for years to come. This exquisite towel has many functions - from the kitchen to the bathroom, and any other area that requires a little extra TLC. The white color looks stunning in any setting. You can choose to use it as a perfect complement to your existing décor, or even hang it as a magnificent centerpiece. Either way, you'll love the delightful feel of this waffle weave towel.

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